Calligraphy Skateboards NiLi
”A rushing snake on the run, a poisonous snake powerful in its seat.

The sounds of torrents and whirlwinds fill the room.”

”Under the pen, one only sees the flow of arousing electricity”.

The finished characters scare coiled snakes to flight.
— Huai Su Autobiography, 737-799 AD
Chinese Calligraphy Skateboards NiLi
“With craziness comes easing earthly concerns.”

In drunkenness, gaining integrity.”
(In neglect of the Buddhist taboo, monk Huai Su was fond of alcohol, which may have contributed to his free spirits under the pen)
— 怀素自叙帖, 737-799
倪立 Nili Calligraphy artist chinese calligraphy skateboards

Taking a unique approach to Chinese calligraphy, Ni Li’s piece Flow, embodies the spirit of China looking to a curious combination of the old and new. Sourcing both ancient culture and contemporary style, Flow incorporates Chinese “Wild Cursive” script(狂草) written on bamboo skateboards as the canvas. Made of ten skateboard scrolls, Nili’s pays tribute to legendary calligraphy master Huai Su, less than 10 pieces of his works have survived. His work Autobiography (自叙帖), widely regarded as the world’s greatest Chinese cursive script. Nili takes direct excerpts from Huai Su’s writings as well as lines from famous poets the likes of Li Bai (701-762 AD), China's drunken superstar poet . 

倪立 Nili Calligraphy artist chinese contemporary calligraphy skateboards

It’s an artistic description of the renowned scholars work, but also a statement on the internal rhythmic movement within the characters themselves, the calligraphy, and their unique canvas. Within her piece the spirit of Flow connects the old world with a contemporary medium, all done with poise, poetry, and aesthetic balance. 

倪立将书法艺术与源于美国西海岸的滑板文化结合在一起。以板为纸,以体现草书的行云流水,略无凝滞。 其选用的长板虽然是西方街头文化的产物。竹,却是中国古代文人使用最悠久的书写材质。10副作品取材自“天下第一草书”,唐朝怀素最有名的作品之一《自叙帖》,亦是艺术家本人对这座草书史上的丰碑,及其作品的顶礼赞叹。